Photo of Aditya Vijay

Aditya Vijay

Surgical: Secretary

Hey Guys! I have been general executive member for SurgSoc this year. Organising the new Plastic Surgical Skills Day and being secondary lead for FSS, I have had a great experience in committee and want to be bigger part of the society next year.

As secretary I will have 3 main agendas:

1) Increasing Advertising- This will be the main focus of my role next year, especially with Trauma happening early in the year. I believe event promotion needs to be combatted from a different light, increasing use of social media that’s not facebook to promote events. Advertising to other universities is crucial for success, as is involving subcommittee early to spread word of an event throughout universities.

2) Revamping the newsletter- I vouch to increase newsletter frequency to fortnightly. The newsletter will also have a revised style, similar to the ICSM/FEO newsletters. A revamped theme would mean that people are more likely to read the inserts and so increase student awareness of our events.

3) Increasing subcommittee involvement- I would like to increase the involvement of subcommittee in decision making for events. By having a pre-event meeting for all the large events, e.g. Trauma, the committee can get to know each other who to contact if they need help.

I hope to be an approachable face for the entire committee as part of core committee, not only improving the efficiency of event organisation and promotion, but also the fun of the society! VOTE ADI FOR SECRETARY!