Photo of Raya El Laham

Raya El Laham

Graduate Students' Union: Vice President (Representation)

I am a second year PhD student in the Department of Materials, and I was previously a MSc student in Bioengineering. Having experienced both the taught and the research types of postgraduate studies, I have knowledge of the full experience of postgraduates. In addition, I have an understanding of the issues that can affect students, whether in the academic aspects of their college experience, or their wellbeing and mental health.
I am currently the Academic and Welfare Officer for the Faculty of Engineering, and having this role has prepared me to represent the whole postgraduate community dealing with issues ranging from modules and coursework, to socials between different faculties and departments and personal/pastoral care. With my fellow representatives, I will work to ensure that their academic needs are met, and their concerns are dealt with. I will also focus on the wellbeing and social needs to make their postgraduate experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Building on my current role, I will work closely with the union and support students to achieve what they want and need, and make sure their voices are heard. I will also ensure representatives from different departments work together, and learn from each other, and feel like they are all a part of the same college with the same goal.