Photo of Mohit Devgan

Mohit Devgan

Graduate Students' Union: GSU President

Graduate students deserve better. We make up around 45% of the student population, yet we are drastically under-represented. With the ongoing cuts affecting students, I will be the voice the graduate students of Imperial. My manifesto is:

• Improve mental health facilities to graduate students by facilitating workshops, working to decrease waiting times for appointments and introducing ever-popular animal therapy sessions.
• Fight to bring back our beloved food at h-bar and breakfast in the SCR.
• Work to improve and increase the frequency of transport between all campuses – especially the new White City/Hammersmith campus and GradPad.
• Make support and advice easily accessible for international students, especially at a time when Brexit is causing so much uncertainty and anxiety for many students.
• Create more social events that collectively appeal to the majority of the graduate community, not just the few.

I am not a student politician, I am an ordinary Imperial student who wants to fight for the changes that students actually want.

I have worked within Imperial College as h-bar duty manager and organised community football at White City - all alongside my PhD in Chemical Biology. Before arriving at Imperial, I gained experience in project and team management from three years working in industry, as well as managing bars and nightclubs. I have the experience and the ability to make the changes we all want to see.