Photo of Hadi Alagha

Hadi Alagha

Graduate Students' Union: GSU President

Did you know? Over 45% of Imperial College students are graduates, yet the majority of union activity is aimed towards undergraduate students.

Let me be your voice.

The outbreak of war in Syria not only failed to strangle my ambition and optimism but also gave me a strong sense of responsibility to make a difference to people’s lives. My diverse background in Medicine, Science and Education equips me with the required skills to enact the changes needed. Likewise, my experiences as a PhD student representative at Imperial and a Graduate School representative at Nottingham University have given me a firm foundation to shape the growth and vision of GSU.

As GSU president, I will strive to expand upon the high standards of former presidents to ensure that equality, diversity, physical and mental wellbeing of graduate students are embedded in the essence and at the core of Imperial College Union.

My goals are:

• Improve resilience and wellbeing of graduate students
Better awareness and education about support services.
Look strategically around the utilisation of college services and what is best for graduate students, while improving processes to access support.

• Shape the identity of GSU
My goal is to bring greater visibility of our expert graduate programmes to the wider intercollegiate network. Strengthening our image through intercollege events, wider publicity and a stronger representation within the union.

• Get the message out there
Review our communication strategy regarding educational and social events to maximise exposure, engagement and maintain our position as top world university.