Photo of Emily Brown

Emily Brown

Graduate Students' Union: GSU President

Postgraduate students make up 47% of the imperial student community, and the purpose of the GSU is to ensure that the diversity of the entire postgraduate network is represented.

Having completed an MSci, currently completing an MRes, and about to start a PhD all at Imperial College London, I have extensive experience of this University. As a postgraduate, I am spread across campuses and departments giving me a broad exposure to the postgraduate community. I am the welfare representative of my MRes cohort, a previous union bar employee, a fire warden, mental health first aider, and a sub-warden in Pembridge hall. I have a wealth of experience focused around effective communication, welfare, and event planning.

As your president, I will continue the hard work of my predecessor and further extend the reach of the GSU to every postgraduate student. My aim is to create a better sense of postgraduate community through regular events aimed specifically at postgraduate students in the areas of welfare, communication, and careers.

Together we can. 众志成城

E xpand the reach of the GSU
M ultiply our sense of PG community
I ncrease our mindfulness and mental health awareness
L et our voices be heard
Y – because together we can!