Photo of Zoha Imam

Zoha Imam

ICSMSU: Secretary & Communications Officer

ICSMSU is on an incredible trajectory of modernised growth and improvement but we need more transparency.

And communication is the key.

There are certain aspects in the way ICSMSU communicate with you that can definitely be improved. As your Sec&Comms Officer, I will ensure that your ideas are heard, your concerns addressed, and your expectations fulfilled (wahey).

How? I hear you ask.

Well, I aim to:

1. Fine-tune the ICSMSU website - incorporating profiles of the SU Officers so that you know who's who and what they do, and cross-check the website so that it contains up-to-date information on all pages.

2. Make ICSMSU a palpable presence on social media so that you know exactly what we're up to, and begin collaborations with other medic societies to give you a unique platform to show off and share your experience.

3. Revamp the newsletter. The information contained within these newsletters is so useful, and yet the formatting makes it far too easy to overlook it as "just another subscription list I signed up to at Freshers' Fair". I'll make it worth the read.

Being the Year 2 Well-Being Representative has not only given me experience in, and a realistic expectation of, liaising with the university but it has also consolidated my eagerness to pursue this position. Having had publicity and organisational committee positions within societies such as TeddyBear Hospital and Light Opera, I can appreciate how imperative it is to communicate and engage with one’s audience effectively. I'll do it.

Thank you.