Photo of Noah Blackmore

Noah Blackmore

ICSMSU: Secretary & Communications Officer

Hi, I'm Noah and I'm running to be your next Secretary & Communications Officer.

Check out my website for a full manifesto!

Over my time at ICSM I've had the privilege of serving on several club & society committees, both as secretary and in other roles. From being IC Fencing's secretary from 2015-2017, right up to being this year's MedED secretary (yes, the one that's been sending you all those emails) and IC Live Music secretary, I've learnt a great deal about how to be an effective secretary and how much I enjoy contributing to student life in this way.

As well as just sending emails, I've been responsible for creating MedED's full social media presence as it now stands (and continues to be a work in progress). Social media is something I have a huge passion for and have experience with running as part of my club & society roles.

And that's where I'd really like to make an impact. As your Secretary & Communications Officer, I will:

• Continue Sid’s excellent work rejuvenating and promoting the ICSMSU website.
• Ensure the website is kept completely up to date at all times – no more two-year-old, outdated info!
• Use social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn – to its full potential, to ensure those both inside and outside ICSM know what we’re up to.
• Continue to send timely, relevant and aesthetically pleasing newsletters every week.

Check out my website for my full manifesto, experience and campaign updates, and follow my social media to stay up to date.