Photo of Nicole George

Nicole George

ICSMSU: Entertainment Chair

ICSM events are a huge part of our six years at Imperial, and I would love to help make these times as exciting and memorable as possible!

- As Head of Acts for IC Tamil Society this year, I helped coordinate the sell-out show, Mega Maalai XIX, with over 1300 attendees! Through this, I've learnt how to communicate to large groups of people, from performers to production companies and venue managers - I saw the importance of organisation to guarantee the success of an event!
- As a member of ICSM RAG, I've helped organise many club nights and the Masquerade Ball, where I learnt how vital communication and team-work are, in the lead up to events.
- I assisted in the organisation of the ICSM Summer Ball 2018, where I saw the range of events that ICSM host, and was able to use my creativity to make the event unique!

With a vote for me, I will:

- Maintain the high quality of events that we already have, and tailor them to our current students (you!)
- Strength links with the ICSM societies to make event organisation and marketing more efficient.
- Work closely with the Welfare Team, to host smaller-scale events after Freshers', so that people can still continue to make friends even after it's over!
- Introduce entertainment reps for feedback and give students more opportunities in events organisation!

I want to use the amazing feedback that I've heard, to improve and tailor events to our current ICSM students, so get voting!

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