Photo of Sereena Singh

Sereena Singh


Hi, I'm Sereena and I would love to be your ICSM RAG chair! Having been media officer this year, I have been part of organising all the amazing events so have a good basis for planning both timeless classic events and organising new ones! RAG has made so much progress this year and I know it will be tough to improve it further, but I am committed to the task! Some of my many ideas for making RAG even better include:

⁃ Hosting more non-drinking events! RAG is renowned for the incredible big nights out but there are so many other ways of raising money which are more inclusive such as a karaoke night, bake sale or a board games night

⁃ RAG talent contest to showcase the many talents that ICSM has to offer and encouraging more people to get involved

⁃ Try and collaborate with other societies within Imperial and other universities to make events even better, raise more money, and provide more opportunities to meet new people!

⁃ Explore whether it would be feasible to have a ICSM version of 'LOST' involving dropping people to a SURPRISE location and them finding their way back to Imperial

⁃ Keeping people up to date with where the money we are raising is going will encourage more hype around events and remind everyone of the real-life impact they are having

I am friendly, dedicated and approachable so if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me online or in person!