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Kyle Greenland


Hey Everyone!

I've made the couRAGeous decision to run for ICSM RAG chair!

I know what you're thinking: how could a BIOMED be RAG Chair? Well, I believe I am one of the most integrated Biomeds: I live, row and especially drink with Medics?-this is something I want other Biomeds to do!

Being involved in RAG has allowed me to see the fantastic things the money raised does and the hard work that goes into every event. I’m enthusiastic, driven and always willing to listen to others. I have first-hand experience in finding venues, coordinating social media and persevering when events don’t go to plan!

If elected:

-Trial more non-alcoholic events. For example, the recent fun-run was a major success and I want to expand this, involving everyone not just those part of a sports team. We could team this event up with welfare to promote healthy living.

-Collaborate with IC RAG, although difficult in the past, with the right planning we could make the event a success. I would also contact UCL, Cambridge and Oxford RAG to organise a club night; with the combined numbers we could hire some cool venues.

- Reinvent RAG DASH-an older tradition where students hitchhike to Cambridge/Canterbury and are then whisked off to a European destination.

-Maintaining a total of money raised on social media, enabling students to see the impact their money is making. After every event, I want to release a feedback survey for students to fill in to influence future venue choices.