Photo of Kimberley Nyamakope

Kimberley Nyamakope


Hi, I’m Kim and I would love for you to elect me as your RAG Chair this year! Having been on RAG committee since my fresher year, and a team captain for ICSM Netball 4s this year, I have developed a good understanding of how to run a team, making me well equipped for the role. I have been involved in many ICSM events in the past two years and truly believe this year has been incredibly successful for RAG. I would love the opportunity to continue the great work RAG has done for charity, whilst creating fun events for you!
As chair, I would strive to:
• Work with Ents to enhance this year’s newly introduced RAG events such as the Big RAG Quiz and Fun Run while embracing the classics we all know and love.
• Increase fresher hype for RAG by adapting the fresher’s fortnight RAG day to something more relaxed amongst the busy-ness of freshers, for example, a pizza social or BBQ for an easy, fun bonding opportunity.
• Collaborate with other university RAG societies to bring you massive events with a more diverse student body.
• Acknowledge and support individuals in ICSM who are doing their bit for charity on our social media platforms.
• Introducing RAG hall representatives to get even more freshers involved in RAG committee roles from early on.
• Help RAG committee run more smoothly and make the workload more manageable for committee members by introducing more specific roles, to bring you the best events possible!