Photo of Alistair Ludley

Alistair Ludley

ICSMSU: Deputy President

Jumping into the Student Union last year as the new Academic Chair meant I had a steep learning curve ahead of me. I managed to navigate, define and instigate real change during this time and met all of my manifesto goals. I want to keep the momentum going into the role of Deputy President using a 3-pronged action plan:

1. To support the president, other members of the Student Union, and the student body

Successfully led the largest team on the SU last year
Use links & relationships I’ve developed with the medical faculty to further the student agenda

2. To encourage personal development of the Student Union through specialised training and support programmes

Being a tutor (>1,000 hours) and a MedEd lecturer has helped me teach & guide others effectively
Guide other SU officers to perform at their best in their roles to ultimately benefit the students

3. To continue to push and sustain improvements I've made in my previous role as Academic Chair

Free mock clinical exams for all students on a yearly, rolling basis
Led student engagement at all levels of decision-making with faculty
Pushing for a second iPad to be given out during medical school
Recognise and reward the contribution of student teachers at ICSM with a student teachers awards evening

If I am elected as your Deputy President, it is my goal to meet and exceed my manifesto goals outlined above so please consider putting a tick in the box next to my name in voting!