Photo of Rishabh Hariharan

Rishabh Hariharan

ICSMSU: Clubs & Societies Officer

Hi, my name’s Rish and I’m running to be your ICSMSU Clubs and Societies Chair!

Having been Vice Chair of Sports and Arts during 2018-19 and a Club Captain previously, I believe my experience will be invaluable if I were elected. My position this year has also provided a unique insight into exactly what clubs want, which I will carry into the Chair role. Last year, I mentioned in my manifesto that Clubs and Societies were one of the most important and best parts of any students’ time in ICSM – and spending this year working closely with them has only affirmed this. It’s truly been such an honour working alongside clubs to help make the student experience that little bit better.

As Clubs & Societies Chair, I will:
○ Liase with Vice Chairs & ICU to provide as much guidance and training for Clubs and Societies committee members as needed.
○ Ensure communication between ICU and ICSM students for key events/matters (e.g. Varsity) is maintained throughout the year via our Clubs and Societies.
○ Continue to expand the roles and remits of the Vice Chairs to effectively support your Clubs and Societies.
○ Focus on implementation of long-term plans to help clubs build on their success and keep them sustainable (both financially and member-wise) in the coming years. As cohort sizes increase, I believe it is important that clubs feel prepared for the growth that they will likely experience.

If you like what you read, please vote Rish - thanks!