Photo of William Davey

William Davey

De La Beche: Junior Treasurer

Hey there fellow miners, I'm Will Davey, a second year Geologist and I'd love to be the person keeping our beloved DLB in check. The club is dear to my heart and as a frequent attendee of the DLB's always-fun trips and events, I definitely know where best to allocate funds to ensure fun for all.

I've been on the RSM committee for almost a year now and have seen certain departmental clubs venture way too far into the red, meaning less money is available to be spent on future endeavours. I know that others running alongside me for roles in the DLB society are more than capable of taking over the reins and upholding the outstanding legacy of the club, but I'll be there to ensure this is done without risking bankruptcy! I will also ensure that we maximise funds available to the club via sponsorship money and union grants meaning cheaper and more frequent events for you!

Vote for me to do the boring things behind the scenes so that everyone can have more fun!

Thanks for reading, Will