Photo of Lok Fan

Lok Fan

Materials: Vice President

Hi Everyone, I am Lukas.

Career opportunities and Industry connections are crucial to our career development. I will be working with our sponsorship officer to strengthen MatSoc’s connection with the industry and present you with up-to-date career/materials-related information.
There are four events that have proved to be beneficial to our members and shall continue in the coming year:

1. Beyond University Lectures (with free Pizza!)
2. Careers Fair
3. Industrial Panel Discussion
4. MatSoc Trips

To maintain the quality of Industry-related content provided by MatSoc and broaden our horizon in the industry, the following will be done:

1. Improve the variety of lectures to include recent breakthroughs in industry, composites development, private research institutes, electronics, modelling, pharmaceuticals, management, manufacturing technology and more
2. Invite alumni/industry leaders to share their experience in the industry and provide guidance to developing a career in Materials
3. Arrange at least one MatSoc trip to factories and companies per term

On top of that, we shall continue to secure previous sponsorships and expand our reach to new companies. I will ensure that our events reach every year group and engage with First Years early to keep them “in the loop”.
With my proactiveness, dedication and experience in Imperial Cinema’s committee, I believe I will excel in my position and maximise the benefit MatSoc provides to its members.
If you have read up to this point, I would like to thank you for your time.