Photo of Braian Lew

Braian Lew

Materials: Vice President

Proving myself as an active academic rep, I will continue my dedication into providing for the students' personal development through the organisation capabilities of MatSoc. We all know that after materials there are hundreds of potential career paths waiting for us and so it is extremely important to gain employability knowledge as soon as possible. The main sectors I want to focus as a Vice-president of MatSoc are:
• Organizing and leading industry tours throughout the academic year, desirable once a month.
• Setting up and inviting companies from different sectors to the annual MatSoc carriers fair.
• Selecting MatSoc beyond university lectures that can give you inside to several materials industries (Metallurgy, Ceramics, Electronics, Biomaterials etc.)
• Working closely with academic reps to make sure that every single person in the department is aware of the upcoming events.
My ambition, however, goes beyond these main responsibilities and my ultimate future goals include:
• Having a poll where students can vote for which industrial sector will be the most desirable in upcoming tours.
• Introducing additional sessions with the Imperial Career service team based on employability skills (CV, cover letter, interviews, assessment centres etc.)
• Establishing an annual conference that will attract students, employers and scientist from the whole UK, discussing the future of materials and help with networking.
Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto (or at least bullet points) and your consideration !