Photo of Arinjay Jadeja

Arinjay Jadeja

Materials: Vice President

Hi, I’m AJ, a second-year materials student and I would love to be your Vice President for the coming year. I understand how important the role is in maintaining important relationships both within the department and our many connections to companies.
You’ve probably seen me around as the Events Officer for MatSoc this last year, during which I’ve been able to organise and hold events for the materials community, working closely with the Vice President on tasks such as the Careers Fair and trips to companies. The time as part of the committee has been key to understand exactly what is required as the Vice President, and I would love to use this experience to:
• Make the Careers fair the best representation of possible futures, by building upon previous years and including a diverse range of companies in all aspects of Materials
• Increase the frequency of trips to industries and companies to see the hands-on application of material science at innovation sites such as the Harwell campus
• Enough ‘beyond university’ lectures to get a full experience of what life is like after our degree
• Engage with the committee and year reps from the start to ensure MatSoc can improve our department's experience, be it more microwaves, dinners, or mums & dads’ ideas
I would really like the opportunity to make these ideas a reality and to represent you guys again over the next year.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you vote for me!