Photo of Ngoc Huynh

Ngoc Huynh

RSMU: Sponsorship Officer

Good day fellow miners,

I'm Nick, a second-year Materials student. Many in Materials will know me, some might say even a few Geologists. Just like you, I'm still revelling in the afterglow of winning the Bottle back. So here I am, writing my manifesto in between pints and letting people know how great RSM is.

I avidly believe that we, as students at a top university, deserve to be pampered by companies wishing to hire us. As graduates, we'll be giving massive returns to those firms in terms of our analytical skills, solving complex problems in record-breaking times, with unrivalled leadership skills to match. I aim to create a win-win situation for the RSM and the companies - they get access to the best and brightest students, we get sponsored with funding for events, both educational and social. More pints, more bar night, more subsidised events. What's not to love?

Why I can do this:
- I'm an extrovert who can build rapport quickly, network and follow up on opportunities (talk to me and find out!)
- I know how to schmooze companies with statistics (see my CV at
- I have read 'Never Split the Difference' by Chris Voss and have been trained extensively in the Art of the Deal by our VPCS Anthony Onwuli
- During my last internship, I learnt how to cold call top executives efficiently - I can do it again as sponsorship officer

If you think I'm the best candidate, vote!

I look forward to serving the RSM,