Photo of William Davey

William Davey

RSMU: Davy Bearer

Hi all, I'm Will Davey, a second year Geologist, and it's no coincidence that I share my name with our beloved mascot (OK one letter out, but close enough). I believe that it's destiny for me to oversee Davy's protection.
"Why all the fuss over a lamp?" a foolish person might ask. Well, this "lamp" represents the identity of the RSM, and to quote the powerful, female role model Elastigirl, of classic movie 'The Incredibles':

"Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect It."

Well, that's fully what I intend to do.

Perhaps just as importantly though is the ability of the Davy to unite people. I'm rerunning for this position after a highly successful first term as Davy Bearer, rallying together both fresh faces as well as the old guard of the RSM from both materials and ESE on raids of the inferior unions' mascots. Vote for me if you want the RSM to maintain its firm spot as the best constituent union; under my leadership we carried out many times more raids than other unions did on us, so let's keep it that way and get even better going into a new year! With a whole year's experience under my belt who knows what we could achieve next?

Thank you for reading, vote Davey for Davy Bearer!