Photo of Edward Compton

Edward Compton

RSMU: Pit & Publicity Officer

"When these boys aren't creating gossip, they're meticulously documenting it. They should definitly win this over me!" - RON
"How do you spell definitely?" - Eddy (while writing this)
"I can't endorse you" - Endorsement from the current Honorary Secretary


Some fun future ideas:
- new high tech gossip hotline
- mental health and wellbeing sections
- new Pit instagram (with many many live stories)
- Pit to be distributed in freshers halls welcome pack
- increased involvement with the Hill Cup, potentially taking responsibility for organising those events
- competitions (e.g. RSM themed treasure hunt)
- return of bar night snapchat filters
- bring back old pit classics e.g. snapchat round up
Many more ideas in the works

Why vote for us:
- bar night regulars
- we can handle hot gossip (we know the secret identity of @rsm_lookalikes)
- know how to make facebook events
- can (collectively) type 7 words per minute
- bang average chat

Eddy- current GPS publicity officer, owner of 4 instagram accounts
Alfie - first in his primary school to graduate from pencil to pen, award winning banner designs

References and CVs available on request

"If you love the Pit,
Log on to eVoting and,