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Daniel Gillies

Physics: Education & Lecturers Officer

Ahem…(is this thing on?)…can everyone hear me at the back...I want to tell you why I should be the Education and Lecturers Officer and take charge of the “Frontiers” talks – and before you ask it’s most certainly nothing to do with my CV. I’ve enjoyed a fair few of the talks so far and think that the current standard is excellent. But I’ve often thought one thing that could be improved would be the interaction with us the students. As of right now there is no direct way for a student to help suggest lecturers for the frontiers talks but I would like to change that. The experience would be more rewarding if research the student body was most interested in was prioritised for the talks. This could easily be done on a term by term basis for talks in the following term. My other goal would be continuing to improve the food situation after lectures which could also be done through communication with you guys. I was thinking possibly bringing some savoury flavours to the current offering of cookies and wine and leaving out the highly controversial coffee based beer (however much caffeine some people claim to need). The final thing in the job description is listening to your opinions on lectures/lecturers. This, along with listening to your thoughts about the events I'll run (mostly Frontiers), will be my top priority to ensure that everyone can make the most of both. Errr…so that about wraps things up…(thanks for listening?)