Photo of Luke Boyden

Luke Boyden

Physics: President

Hi, I’m Luke. Hopefully you know me as your current PhySoc Social Sec and Education Officer, not just that cheesy guy who makes risqué introductions to the Frontiers talks ;) . After a year working alongside fellow committee members, including both the current and a former PhySoc President, I’ve learnt what’s necessary to run and grow this huge society. This is no easy job, but a commitment I respect and wholeheartedly offer myself for.

Naming some of my highlights, I’ve organised:
• The largest Physoc Christmas dinner to date and the first to include a disco (feat. DJ Kemist)
• The “Research Frontiers” series consistently filling LT1, with a huge number of BNOC speakers.
• Huge joint events: the “PhySoc vs MathSoc Pubcrawl” and the joint conference with UCL.
• The first ever Freshers party.
• The annual Leavers Party.

This year has seen unprecedented growth of event size, turn out, and general interest but this is no reason to relax.

Here are some of my proposals:
• Take external sponsorship much more seriously – the reason DoCSoc are so rich and successful.
• Build relationships between students and recent graduates, helping with: job applications, life after uni etc.
• Reinforcing the Mums and Dads scheme with more socials beyond a 20 min conversation at the union in freshers week.
• Improve PhySoc’s collaboration with dept and welfare reps to help mitigate the poor student satisfaction.

With my experience and drive, I can lead next year’s committee and unleash PhySoc’s enormous potential.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.