Photo of Dominic Chrumka

Dominic Chrumka

Mathematics: External Vice

Hey everyone, I'm sure over the past year, you've seen me in and around MathSoc events, introducing talks with our sponsors and inspirational lecturers, giving out drinks tokens in the bar, or bringing in boxes and boxes of Pizza for you. This year as Vice President I helped increase sponsorship dramatically for the society which has resulted in this year having a higher standard of events and I hope to continue this as External Vice next year.

I have two main priorities for next year. The first is to ensure a high level of sponsorship similar to what we enjoyed this year. Not only does this ensure we can provide a high standard to a our events but also enables us to provide more events such as MathSoc Christmas Dinner. To ensure this sponsorship, we have our current sponsors who we should stride to re-sponsor us but also a large list of potential sponsors.

The second is to run more diverse career events. This is helped by having a large pool of sponsors for MathSoc. In the past we have enjoyed events put on for example by data scientists such as Blenheim Chalcot, financial institutions such as Investec and technology companies like TPP. As External Vice I hope to continue these events to help our members network and potentially find future employment. I am aware of many people who have found a job due to MathSoc's events and sponsors.

More money means higher quality events.

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