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Tejal Malde

Mathematics: Career Events Officer

Hi, I’m Tejal Malde, and I am running for Careers Events Officer for MathSoc. I would be an organised and dedicated member of the committee, and I believe I have good vision as to how to tackle Career Events to make them more useful and popular in the forthcoming year. I have realised the importance of careers events as a chance to find out more about companies and fields that we may not have explored before, as well as network and learn about the undergraduate and graduate opportunities available at these companies.

I want to make sure next year that careers events are hosted by companies in a vast range of fields to show us the number of options available to us as maths students. I also found this year that a good way to make careers events more appealing is to make them more interactive, such as the TPP pub quizzes or Optiver trading workshop, as opposed to a traditional talk, and so I aim to make careers events be more in this style. Finally, in order to stress the importance of careers events, I would want to hold an event where students can find out why such events are important, and how we, as students, can make the most of them.