Photo of Marwan Riach

Marwan Riach

Mathematics: Career Events Officer

To paraphrase the late, great William Shakespeare: some people are born mathematical, and others have mathematics thrust upon them. Whether you fall in to the first category or the second, I will endeavour to make sure all members of the society are heard and their suggestions as to who should sponsor us taken on board.

I believe it is important we maintain our existing links with our current sponsors and build on our network. I have taken an active interest in getting to know the companies that sponsor us at the moment, and I have demonstrated this by recently securing a position on Optiver's spring insight weekend.

While we currently have a very strong backing from our current sponsors, I feel what we are lacking is a sponsorship from an actuarial firm; with actuary being a natural route for mathematicians to follow, I feel we are missing out on an opportunity.

Vote for me, and I will diversify our portfolio of sponsors, I will listen to your suggestions, and I will ensure that no member of Mathsoc is kept out of the loop!