Photo of Lorenz Wolf

Lorenz Wolf

Mathematics: Treasurer

This year I took on responsibility representing my year as Academic Rep, I am now looking forward to engaging in the society, which has enhanced my university experience a lot, by looking over its finances as treasurer.

In school, I was responsible for finances when we did fundraising activities including a run for charity and cake sales. From those events, I gained experience in contacting and acquiring new sponsors. This knowledge would help me support the external vice and president on their mission to get more sponsors.

I am organised and am able to plan well, to ensure money gets allocated reasonably, so all events can be funded. As treasurer, I want to work closely with the other members of the committee to keep track of where money is needed and to keep an eye on expenses and incomes.

I think the last committee has done a great job, organising more events and being more present throughout the year. Having enjoyed Mathsoc’s events for almost two years now, I would love to become a part of the committee to help continue to improve Mathsoc and build on the work of the previous committees.

Many thanks to anyone who votes for me, I really appreciate it!