Photo of Aishwarya Chidambaram

Aishwarya Chidambaram

Mathematics: President

Hi everyone! I’m Aishy, currently Social Events Officer for MathSoc and I’m keen to do even more by running for President.

Being on committee this year, I gained an understanding of how the entire society works, allowing me to be able to run MathSoc very effectively next year. I have gone above and beyond my role, revamping our publicity and social media, adding over 10 new events and above all by assisting Hitesh with presidential tasks. We have drastically improved the society’s reputation, making MathSoc actually exist!

Why me?
- It's safe to say I have the experience and dedication required to be President
- I know how to run events and brought you better socials than ever seen before, including the first EVER Christmas Dinner afterparty
- I put as much time into MathSoc as my degree, so I care about MathSoc a lot

I will:
- Maintain focus on socials, tailoring events to what YOU want, including even bigger events, more formals and bar nights. More drinks = more fun right?
- What about those pub quizzes? As president, I hope to keep great connections to industry through our sponsors to bring you more useful career events (including open bar quizzes!), delivering job opportunities straight into your inbox
- Use my connections with our sponsors to get MathSoc more money to subsidise our events more

MathSoc has already come a long way, and as President, I believe I can help it to grow even more.
This year the biggest, next year the best.