Photo of Mate Toth

Mate Toth

Chemistry: Events Officer

Although Em and Pol did an amazing job last year !!! (thank you for everything), we think we can do even better. After decades of largely flat, tedious events with exploding costs, hundreds of chemists are suffering and can barely catch their breath. For years, the people of Chemistry have been shut out of their chance to build something meaningful and participate in the departmental social life according to higher standards. It is time for big, structural changes to put revelry back into the hands of the people of Chemistry.
As events officers, we’ll try our hardest to make your time at Imperial one of the most enjoyable times of your life. We promise to deliver unique social events each term, including paintballing and boozy bowling, as well as organise even more socials with other departments such as themed pub crawls and quizzes. To top it off, we have plans for an absolutely huge Christmas Ball and afterparty, which will be guaranteed to be one of the biggest events of the year. Our more hopeful promises include: the vinification of our own wine in the Perkin Laboratories using the finest selection of Pinot Noir grapes, special videos of AM to be released upon our appointment (not to be missed) and a house party at ours (minimum 250 people lol). By electing us, we’ll make sure to have many booze fuelled (or cold drink fuelled if you prefer) socials and do our best to make sure everyone has an awesome time.