Photo of Zaeem Najeeb

Zaeem Najeeb

Chemistry: Junior Treasurer

Hi, I’m Zaeem! As the Junior Treasurer, I aim to improve our general experience here at Imperial inside and outside of the Chemistry lecture theatre.

As Treasurer, it is within my best interest to work closer with everyone in our department to better allocate events, from introducing more memorable events like the Christmas Ball to more group outings and socials such as food nights. I would be working closely with other Chemistry Officers as well as interacting more frequently with everyone to find what people would like more of, so that the budget can be allocated with everyone’s thoughts in mind. This would mean anything from more frequent small events or a large event to end our year on a bang (when we’re not worrying about an exam a few days later).

Being someone who has worked in teams to host charity events for Dementia awareness and Community cohesion before, I’m no stranger to the logistical issues that can occur with lack of communication, so I aim to work closely with all related parties to allow a smooth year for us all.

Vote for me for your most memorable year yet!