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Virginia Chiarentin

Chemistry: President

I'm Virginia Chiarentin, a 2nd Year (studying chemistry but this should be obvious) ,
I have always tried to involve myself within the college community and the opportunity to be ChemSoc president would be a great way for me to take part in maintaining and strengthening the student voice.

Experience? During my short time here at Imperial, I'm grateful to have already been involved in alkynes of opportunities, from being First Year Rep of ChemSoc last year, which has given me
an insight into how the committee works to organize and bring together events, azide from that I have also had the opportunity to work at multiple Open days and I am currently a President's Ambassador where I have developed transferable skills and been able to interact with others outside of the university to share my experiences.

What would I bring? A lot of puns to your Christmas dinner speeches!
Jokes azide, my aim is to continue to ensure that your experience as part of the Chemistry department is positive and enjoyable by making sure
that the events we bring to you as a committee continue to be great. Most of all, I would just like to be a friendly face with whom you can get in touch with anytime. :)

All enol, I would really appreciate this opportunity and believe it would be an amazinc experience and one I would encourage everyone to be part of.