Photo of Malinda Davies

Malinda Davies

BioChemistry: Social Events Officer

Hello fellow biochemists!!

My name is Malinda and I am a first-year student. I am an Imperial cheerleader (Go Titans!) as well as the 1st Women Football Team player.

We all know that being a student at Imperial is hard. Between lectures, tutorials, labs and exams, some of us forget to relax - the social aspect is a huge part of being a student. They help us stay sane in the dark midst of deadlines. I want to be your social events officer to make your time at Imperial memorable for the fun as well as the studying. I believe I would be a good candidate as I am an extremely organized person (I literally plan my days hour by hour and never go anywhere without my calendar). Moreover, I am the Chair of the Woodward Hall Committee this year where I organise events for the student community. Vote for me to make your time at Imperial more than just structures of 20 amino acids!!!!!

Some of my ideas for the next year include:
1. Biochem goes for All-You-Can-Eat-Chinese! (PRIORITY)
2. Improve Biochem Mums and Dads scheme by more frequent family events.
3. Create a big annual Biochem party with a sick theme.
4.More events with other societies.

I hope to make everyone's time at Imperial, from a Fresher to a graduating student special! And what is a better way to do it than by making us spend that time together?