Photo of Chelsea Ngan

Chelsea Ngan

BioChemistry: Academic Events Officer

I am personally passionate and eager to share with others. I want to create events which will inspire us academically, widen our horizons and shape us positively for our future. Ideally, events should initiate discussion, ignite interest and keep us up-to-date about the latest developments made in the rapidly growing field of Biochemistry.

If I get elected Academic Events Officer, I will:

- Bring more career events including organizing career talks from Biochemistry alumni for networking and insight
- Expand on the collaboration with DocSoc on Python101, making programming lessons of different levels of competencies available
- Organize talks where real entrepreneurs come on stage to share about their journey of building a successful company, inspiring potential entrepreneurs in Biochemistry

In addition to these career orientated events, I’d like to:

- Invite well known speakers and professors working on the latest hot topics to stimulate us around our Biochemistry studies

I will value every suggestion and idea so that we can explore different topics for talks to enrich our knowledge and insights.

I am eager to take on this exciting and challenging role, so allow me to serve you in this capacity as the Academic Events Officer!