Photo of Marc Amil

Marc Amil

BioChemistry: Publicity & Marketing Officer

Hi everyone! Being a Managing Director of a company for the Young Enterprise Programme, I was tasked to publicise and market our product, pitching to large companies such as Delta Airlines, FedEx and Disney. With the skills and knowledge I have learnt, I will be ready and equipped to be your Publicity & Marketing Officer.
I found Biochem events an excellent time to interact with students from other years doing the same course, providing me with valuable insights about the subject and Imperial in general. Therefore, I am willing to inform students about socials, as they will truly benefit from it.

What will I do for BiochemSoc?
1. Obtain more sponsorship for more subsidised events
2. Arrange more workshops and talks on people that have successfully built a start-up, specifically in Life Science.
3. Cooperate more between different societies in Imperial and other Biochem societies from different universities
4. Make sure every voice is heard and implement and promote the ideas through leaflets and posters.

From discussing with most students, Coding 101 is beneficial, therefore I will advocate in continuing the sessions and plan to use various platforms of social media for maximum publicity, and even envision starting a BiochemSoc Instagram page. I promise to give reliable, up to date information and not to spam your email. Overall, I will ensure that BiochemSoc will be the most fun society in Imperial and will keep you well informed so you don’t miss the chance to attend our amazing events!