Photo of Keri Dalton

Keri Dalton

BioChemistry: Secretary

Hey. My name is Keri Dalton, and I wish to be the secretary for the Biochemistry society as it would be a great opportunity for me to help our society. I believe I would be able to take up this role thanks to my experience of minute taking at my old school through my work as a Junior Leadership Team member. Furthermore, I am always punctual (you may have seen me in lectures 10 minutes before they begin) and I would make sure that meetings always started promptly.

What I would bring to the table:
I would ensure all the meetings are effectively scheduled and documented so that we can bring you many more fun events. I plan to do this by sending the minutes from the meetings to everyone who attended as soon as the meeting has finished.
My inbox will always be open to hear your ideas on what events you would like to see the society organise. I would then contact the relevant people to ensure that we can all benefit from the society and meet many more fellow Biochemists.

I hope that through effectively organised meetings we will be able to have a society where we can all take part and enjoy our time at Imperial.
Thanks for reading.