Photo of Zoe Stamoulis

Zoe Stamoulis

BioChemistry: Treasurer

Hello! I am Zoe Stamoulis, a first year Biochemist and am running for the role of treasurer. I believe that the Biochemistry society has provided us all with opportunities for meeting new people in our course through the social events that have been organised throughout the year, and I want to enable these opportunities to be continually available to everyone through managing our finances. I also believe that through careful budgeting, we will be able to host a greater diversity of events throughout our degree, as well as promising more frequent activities! I believe that having a responsible treasurer will allow the society to continue to expand in the number of memorable events that we host and to allow us to get to know more people on our course.

I am organised and attentive to detail, and will strive to ensure that our money is well-spent and regulated for the activities and events that everybody wants. After also completing the 'Professional Skills for Employability' horizons course in first term, I am confident in time-management, communication, negotiation, and budgeting. I am a trustworthy and approachable person who greatly values teamwork and and will always prioritise our finances so that they are dealt with responsibly. I also have experience in fundraising and budgeting through charity work that I did during sixth-from with Oxfam.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and I hope you consider my application!