Photo of Lei Shen

Lei Shen

BioChemistry: Treasurer

Hi lovely biochemists! My team and I would love to serve as your next BiochemSoc committee and work to make our year a fun-filled and relatively painless one! Alongside Rohan (Chair), Anamaria (Vice-Chair) and Bianca (Secretary), I am standing to become your new Treasurer. Although this year has been a blast, we believe there is much room for positive change to improve your experience as a Biochemistry student at Imperial. Some of our goals for the society are:

-Organizing and promoting more career events covering a broader spectrum of industries and employers (Finance, business, consulting, pharmaceuticals, technology and much more!)
-Clean up the budget make it more flexible based on your interest and feedback
-Collaboration with students across different societies and universities (We want to make sure you are not missing out on cool events!)
-Improve Mums and Dads and make if fun for everyone!
-Listen to your ideas in the least intrusive way and most hassle-free way!

Personally, my past experience has amply prepared me for this role. I have had the training as the Biochemistry first year Wellbeing Rep to keep organized and orderly records, and the experience of putting it to practice through organizing the budget for two major events in Finance Soc. In addition, my experience as Marketing Director in the Social Innovation Academy has refined my communication skills, so I can use effective methods to improve transparency and to better implement your feedback.
My drive and passion is to make our university experience better!