Photo of Xueyan Li

Xueyan Li

Bio Engineering: Academic & Technical Events Coordinator

I love Bioengineering Society! My passion and dedication for the society will motivate me to be responsible and do a good job in organizing academic related events.
So far, I have found events in collaboration with other societies like introductory python and programming to be highly useful. These classes are not taught in our department but is very versatile and useful in general. I want to strengthen our collaboration with other societies so that we can utilize as much resources as possible. At the same time, ensure that classes like latex tutorial and web development continue so more people can benefit from them.
I am outgoing person with good interpersonal skills. I’m always happy to meet more people while remaining professional and responsible. So far, my experience in Bioengineering society has been fun and fulfilling and I wish reach out to more people by becoming an events coordinator!