Photo of Armand Grigorian

Armand Grigorian

Bio Engineering: Academic & Technical Events Coordinator

Extracurriculars are an important part of your university degree. They not only improve your own understanding but your prospects for the career that you want. Having attended the majority of BioEng technical events, they have been of mixed quality. My goal as an Academic & Technical Events Co-ordinator would be to improve not only the quality of these events but also their frequency.

In order to resolve these problems, I would first ask the society members more frequently which technical events are of interest. This would allow for more diverse events and a higher attendance rate.

Secondly, I would add and/or improve current Engineering Design Project (EDP) related technical events as these are by far the most popular and important technical events throughout the year. This would include but not limited to more frequent Arduino workshops at different experience levels, software development workshops and Solidworks/orCAD events.

Lastly, I would organise networking events where older students in the department give advice and help to younger students. This would include explaining the different BioEng streams, the difficulty of different modules, etc.

Diverse events, more workshops relevant to EDP, and more networking events, there´s no reason why you shouldn´t vote for me!