Photo of Mary Chapman

Mary Chapman

Mechanical Engineering: Welfare Officer

I am fully aware that Mech Eng at Imperial is not a breeze, but by no means should it be a negative experience, thus I would like to give it my best efforts to make you feel more comfortable during your time here. I am only human; I feel stress, I feel anxiety and I feel homesickness, but what I refuse to do is let these things stand in my way. I like to push myself out of my comfort zone, I have gone from being homesick in London (I am from Essex which borders London!) to living in Valencia for 12 months. I don’t make life easy for myself but all my life experiences, 2 years at uni and a year in industry have provided me with a range of testing situations which I have had to overcome. As such, I think I’d make a good candidate for this role. I know how a lot of you may be feeling and I’d love to share my advice and experience, and encourage you all to share your feelings too, hopefully over a tea and biscuit, a pizza or maybe even through a yoga sesh, whatever it takes to help you have a more positive experience here at Imperial, I’d like to help. So please vote for me as your Welfare Officer!