Photo of Dmitrii Usynin

Dmitrii Usynin

Computing: Social Events Director

Hi, I am Dima and I want to be your social events coordinator for 2019-2020.

What makes a good social events coordinator? Well, ability to organize events that benefit the entire community. Anything from bar nights to ice skating. That requires both time commitment and determination. I would like to say that I proved that I am capable of both through organizing/helping out with a variety of events this year. On top of that, you need to be assertive and take responsibility when things dont go to plan. Well, you found your man. Learned all that the hard way.

What would I do differently to previous social coordinators? Variety of things actually: it would be nice to have collaboration with other societies for more than just academic events and Revel, which is something I want to work on with other social secs in other societies. Collaboration with others will allow more diverse events, ability to socialize with people outside of the department and potentially higher budgets allowing events to have an even larger scale. I would also like to give DoCSoc community a chance to choose any extra events that we could run in the last two terms, because this is normally the time when we have fewer, larger scale events. Mainly bu using polls before the start of term. I also strive to make sure that all members benefit from our events, not just the selected few ensuring that we get the highest student satisfaction of all societies.