Photo of Chandler Low

Chandler Low

Computing: Social Events Director

Close your eyes. That's my world without DoCSoc. Hi, my name is Chandler Low, second year Computing and I can't grow facial hair. I am an enthusiastic, determined and driven individual and I would love to be your next Social Events Coordinator.

My previous experience as IC ABACUS President as allowed me to flourish in organising a large number of events, such as clubbing in Piccadilly Institute, bowling, dinners, and more. After being at Imperial for two years now, I feel that now is the right time for me to give back to a society who has given me so much. I believe that the combination of my experience and personality will allow me to thrive

My overall aim as Social Events Coordinator is to ensure that everyone has fun over the duration of their course. which I will achieve through the following goals:

- Making sure that there are more frequent social events approachable to all students, ranging from theatre and museum trips to games and movie nights. The consistency of the variety of events is vital especially during second term.
- Continue finding and expanding new events, especially those close to campus, such as the Queen's Tower tour.
- Ensuring formal events' venues and activities, such as Revel, are improved upon.
- Ensuring that regular events such as DoCSoc's bar nights are enjoyable for all of our members.

Thanks for considering my campaign and I hope I've gained your vote!

- Chandler