Photo of Rosemary Ng

Rosemary Ng

Computing: Marketing & Publicity Officer

Hi! I'm Rosemary! This year, I have attended almost every single event held by DoCSoc and had loads of fun in all of them!♡♡♡ In the coming year, I wish I could be the one to organize and share the joy from the events I have experienced with you.

Vote for me as your Marketing & Publicity Officer because I am
✔ An experienced user of social media -- Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, name it!
-> Can effectively manage the social media platforms for DoCSoc and utilise it for event promotion
✔ Good design and photoshopping skills -- I can even do photoshopping on my phone!!! I have been designing posters, promoting events and societies since middle school
-> Can create cool and eye-catching posters for an event and maintain a professional image for DoCSoc
✔ Very experienced in running a society -- I was the president of several student societies back in high school, and I am the sub-committee member of Chinese Society and Public Awareness and Social Service Society in Imperial this year
✔ Understand the logistics and organisation of DoCSoc events -- been there, volunteered in a few + witness the huge effort and enthusiasm in the current committee
✔ Marketing skills equipped -- I was awarded 2nd runner-up in the DUHKS Business Model Challenge earlier this year which included marketing

It will be my pleasure to continue the good work by the previous committee and pass on the DoCSoc spirit by bringing you more intriguing events! So, vote for me Rosemary Ng!