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Mayank Sharma

Computing: Marketing & Publicity Officer

Hi, I’m Mayank Sharma, and I’m running for DocSoc Marketing and Publicity Officer!

DocSoc consistently has great turnout for its events, and besides the hard work that goes into their planning and execution, I believe sharp, effective and engaging media and marketing also has a major role to play. If elected as next year’s Marketing and Publicity Officer, I would hope to carry this forward with the following key areas of focus:

I aim to strike a careful balance when it comes to using social media, by for instance using an ‘updates’ approach in Facebook posts to keep people engaged (eg: gradually announce new speakers for talks; update on how many tickets have sold, or provide relevant stats for sponsor events).

Secondly, where details for an event are often not finalised till closer on, I would ensure our members can still be aware and begin to draw interest ahead of time. Possible ways to implement this include a public google calendar or a unique link on the DocSoc page (once the details are finalised, a Facebook event would be created as usual).

Finally, I’d keep marketing visually consistent and professional so people can immediately recognise from the ‘style’ that it’s a DocSoc event.

Underlying all of the above would be creative yet professional marketing material, where I believe my past experience in using Photoshop for school events and posters would be immensely useful, allowing me to build upon the society’s existing strong brand.

Vote Mayank!