Photo of Kriti Sapra

Kriti Sapra

Computing: Events Officer

Hi! I’m Kriti and I’d love to be one of your Events Officers for the next year!

Having slept for a mere 3 hours during IC Hack this year, I gained a prime insight into the different aspects of organising a huge event from catering to branding. Recently, I have also attended some DoCSoc meetings and was able to learn more about how the events are discussed and decisions are finalised. I have also previously led a team in organising charity events at school. Using all these skills, I would be able to put on some great events for everyone in DoCSoc for the upcoming year!

If I were to be elected, I’d like to achieve these things:
- More DoCSoc family events in general, but particularly adoptions. This is if the parents don’t turn up to future events then the children can still have people in older years they can approach for help.
- A freshers’ only social at the start of the year which gives an opportunity for freshers to make friends within their course more easily.
- Introduce more academic events within the first term. The linux talk we got given was super useful with how to get started but we could also do a crash course on IntelliJ, such as shortcuts.

DoCSoc has been such an important part of my first year here and I would like to put my own contribution to making the next year for DoCSoc a fantastic one.