Photo of Iulia Ivana

Iulia Ivana

Computing: Events Officer

Hi, I'm Iulia and I want to become an Events Officer in order to help DoCSoc spark joy in students' lives the same way our society has been doing for me for the past 2 years. I couldn't imagine university life without big events like Revel, ICHack and the End of Year Dinner, as well as the smaller - but just as enjoyable - events that keep the excitement going. Even though this year has been very busy for me, I have aided the society with every opportunity I had, including helping with ICHack organisation as a member of the marketing team, as well as volunteering on the days of the hackathon.

After spending two years trekking through this degree, I have become familiar with what students have to deal with, and what helps them most. One of the things that I aim to focus on is having more consistent one-off events throughout the year (such as ice skating trips, trampolining, and go-karting). I think these are especially important since they offer students the chance to escape their coursework-related worries for a couple of hours, which I know for a fact improves anyone's mood and state of mind, and they are a great way to have some fun-filled time.

If you give me the chance, I will do my best to help bring you more amazing events powered by DoCSoc :)