Photo of Ioana-Adelina Filip

Ioana-Adelina Filip

Computing: Events Officer

Hi, I’m Adelina and I would love to be one of the new Events Officers this year!

For me, this role means more than just organising events. It is a chance to build up on what the previous members of the committee achieved, while also bringing together one of the most diverse communities in the university and making sure everyone enjoys their time here as much as I do.

During the short period I’ve been at Imperial I’ve surely enjoyed attending all the events organised by DoCSoc and gave a hand whenever I could, whether it was setting up drinks or laminating posters, or working closely together till late in the night so everyone attending could have their swag bags at IC Hack ready for them the next day.

So, together with my previous experience of organising and running events, I believe I would be perfect for this role!