Photo of Eugene Lin

Eugene Lin

Computing: Events Officer

Hey! I'm Eugene, and I'd love to be one of your Events Officers next year! I heard about DoCSoc, and the amazing events they ran before I even applied to Imperial. Of course, after attending the industry talks, bar nights, and everything in between, I understood why! However, what stood out more to me was the effort all the volunteers put in to make sure it all ran smoothly, and to clean up after an event.

If I'm elected as an Events Officer, I'd like to focus on the following;
- Fairer distribution of tickets; I'm sure there's a fair number of you reading this that missed out on amazing events such as ICHack, or Revel.
- More Mums and Dads events; luckily for me, I had really supportive parents who'd always be there to answer questions if we had any, but I know for some of peers, there was much less contact. I know how hard it is getting started in a new environment, but having someone who's gone through the same thing, and being able to ask them about their experiences really helped me.
- More inclusive events; as much as I enjoy going out and drinking, it's definitely not for everyone.

I hope you consider me as one of your choices, and enjoy your time with DoCSoc like I have!