Photo of Tiger Cross

Tiger Cross

Computing: Sponsors' Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator

Not only do I plan to fulfil the large amount of internal responsibilities of the role but I aim to extend it to a more student focused one by implementing various initiatives that will help to provide a rich but natural way to allow students in all years to develop networks with industry.

I aim to:
- Better utilise the Sponsors Portal so that students can have much more direct contact with recruiters.

- Push development of directly linking the sponsors portal CV upload with the Careers’ Service CV checking to allow students building their resume to have someone look over and review it
without having to wake up at 7.00am and book and appointment.

- Introduce a ‘mentor’ scheme that links imperial graduates that have gone into industry with current students to allow any questions about specific industries to get answered with ease.

- Run more sponsors events and workshops for some large sponsors, for example: demos of Microsoft’s HoloLens project, Facebook’s Oculus or talks from their FAIR (Facebook Artificial
Intelligence Research) department.

I believe that my strong communication and organisation skills will be vital in allowing me to extract what is desired by the students from the sponsors, whilst also benefiting them.
I am an incredibly hard working individual and am determined to meet and exceed sponsorship targets working alongside the President and the rest of the DoCSoc committee.