Photo of Maria Teguiani

Maria Teguiani

Computing: Sponsors' Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator

Hi! I’m Maria and I want to be your Sponsors' Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator next year.

Over the last two years, DoCSoc has had a big influence on my university experience, in no small part due to its industrial events. Getting to attend talks given by some of the world’s biggest companies and speak to recruiters and Software Engineers has been an invaluable experience, which allowed me to really understand what it is like to work for these companies.

I have volunteered at almost all events hosted by DoCSoc this year, including during IC Hack 19 where I guided sponsors around the campus. This gave me the opportunity to know what companies like about our society, and what impact they can have on our students.

Next year, I aim to continue building on DoCSoc’s excellent ties with the industry in order to improve the career prospects of our members. If elected, I will coordinate with our sponsors in order to deliver interesting and engaging workshops that will give students a chance to explore technologies that are relevant in the industry. I aspire to be actively involved in event organisation, and make it so that you come to our events for more than just the free pizza!

I want to ensure that students develop great connections in the industry and that our sponsors have a positive impact on your time here.

Vote for me and you won’t be disappointed!