Photo of Dingyu Chen

Dingyu Chen

Computing: Sponsors' Liaison and Industrial Events Coordinator

I’m Ding, and I’d like to start with a question:

What makes DoCSoc so great?

For me, it’s our close connections with industry, and the frequency of events we hold. It’s why we can boast one of the UK’s highest graduate earnings of any course, and I’d love to lead the continuous effort to gain the industry’s support.

I have extensive experience with securing funding, both through leading a hugely successful magazine at my old school, and participating in Imperial’s telephone campaign. One of the current committee’s biggest complaints is that some sponsors are slow to finalise pledges or utilise their allowance of events. I believe my experience and soft-skills can make sponsors fully exercise their sponsorship packages, meaning more events for you.

Moreover, I want to work with the Webmaster to harness the DoCSoc portal’s potential as a method of communication to firms, where students can directly connect with employers and explore (possibly exclusive) recruitment opportunities.

Currently, companies are reluctant to hold events in spring. I believe that consistent sponsorship programs (e.g. those of Palantir, Facebook and G-Research) are the most fruitful, so I aim to increase emphasis on the later terms of the year. I’d love to host more tech demos, whether it’s software or leading hardware such as Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Finally, I’d like to be a medium for feedback for ACI talks: its organisers are keen on cooperating to increase accessibility for all, as there are mixed reactions regarding their usefulness.

Thanks for your support!
Dingyu x